i am unemployed

this is not something overly bothersome to me – i am a reasonably intelligent, articulate human person with a master’s degree. i have some savings, and a safety net of friends and family. plus i have prospects, like the third-lead in an austen novel. suitors have made eyes across the ballroom, and i hope to call upon them one day soon.

still, not having a job can be demoralizing. although i’m biased, i have a pretty firm understanding of how awesome i am, and i feel certain that if someone would just sit down and talk to me, hear me out, they’d be bowled over by what i have to offer.

there’s a homeless man i pass each day when i’m out walking. he has a cardboard sign, longer and more involved than you’d be able to read at a red light. the sign is like his cover letter, i think, and if someone would just take the time to pull it from the slush pile they’d see how deserving he is, they’d feel compelled to help. how different are we really, this man and i?

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