i do not want a car

today someone posted on facebook one of those uplifting videos where a person who walks/takes the bus/hitchhikes to work every day is given a car by benevolent citizens. which is all well and good. better than that, in fact. i’m not trying to be a bitchy bitch here.

(which is, tbh, a little odd for me. bitchy bitch is kind of my default setting.)


it’s great that this one person has a car, and this one person’s life is hypothetically better (car insurance, gas, flat tires, i’m a pessimist) but videos in this vein still make me so mad. just, like, i’m telling you in italics mad. instead of fixing things, perhaps temporarily for this one human, why not given everyone access to better public transportation?

our country is set up so that, even in most big cities, having a job basically requires a person to have a car. bus stops aren’t convenient to all citizens, and buses don’t run regularly. people are giving up 2+ hours of their day for journeys that would take maybe 15 minutes in a car. does everyone need a car? hell, no. cars are expensive and they break down and they’re killing the earth. why not give everyone buses that run more than once every 70 minutes?

or am i just a rainbow-eyed, simple-minded socialist? am i being insane?